We have a longstanding experience within the Commercial Lending Market and long term relationships developed with the Banking and Non-Banking Sector.

This ensures that we have a wide range of Commercial Property Finance Options to provide our customers. Similarly, if you prefer long term commercial lending facilities with less red tape, we have secured dedicated funding lines through major Non-Bank institutions which provide competitively priced term debt solutions.

Our experience and expertise allows us to provide:

  • Competitive lending rates
  • Competitive fee structures (both upfront and ongoing)
  • Alternative Options with Bank and Non-Bank Funders
  • Diversification in your Lending Portfolio
  • Longer loan terms with more flexible conditions
  • Higher Loan to Value Ratio‚Äôs

Each commercial loan is different and requires professional advice and expertise to secure the right deal.

For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.